Who We Are?

We are a pro manufacturer of innovative lighting products and have been committed to providing superior quality, competitive pricing, and smooth service for all your lighting needs.

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving lighting industry, we continue to push the limits of LED technology to provide state-of-the-art solutions. Our wide range of LED lighting products are suitable for a variety of applications including residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting.

What sets us apart is our constant focus on quality and reliability. We source components from well-known brands, use automated equipment for manufacturing, and all of our products undergo rigorous factory testing to ensure superior performance, durability, and long lifespan.

Produce the right lighting for you

right lighting

We supply you with the right lighting design and LED lighting equipment for your next projects, and offer you the best value products for their budget and performance.

We Made For You,With Great Attention to Detail

Your Reliable Lighting Manufacturer

Wide Variety of LED Lighting  for Your Projects

We specialize in design, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products such as stage lights, LED string light,LED mushroom light, LED neon lights, LED panel light, LED wash lighting, LED pillar lights, solar bollard lights,solar street light, and advertising lighting etc.

Well-known Electronic Components

We have been working closely with top chip and driver brands such as Cree/Osram/Philips/Samsung and Meanwell to manufacture premium finished products.

Rigorous Process Control

Controlling over the each QC key point at whole manufacturing processes.And ensure conveying  the qualified semi-products to next working procedure.

Strict Inspection On Each Finished Products

Aging and repeating inspection on each finished products to ensure its proper functions and parameters by our complete testing facility.

Standardized Production Control With Skilled Technics

Innovative Technology

Our experienced R&D team offer customized products service for your special needs and always explore next generation of products. 

Superior Quality Control

Each working procedure is controlled by our highly trained QC team and complete test facilities.From components to final packing inspection,each step has strict operation specification and requirement.

Experienced Manufacturing Team

Our skilled manufacturing team produce the best quality products by the complete manufacture facilities and full series production aging line.And the stable employee relationship ensure delivery on time.

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Can't Find Ideal Products for Your Project?

Contact our sales team and tell us your unique custom needs, we are very pleased to recommend the most suitable products for you.

Fulfill your Customized Needs

  • Exceptional OEM/ODM Services

We provide customized services for your project,with our experience,our passion and heart.

  • Semi-finished Services

We provide semi-finished products services,careful to listen from your special needs.

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Providing LED lighting indoor and outdoor series with thoughtful services,supply reliable products to wholesalers and brand owners.

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