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Wholesale neon signs from layvikay

As the most reliable neon light manufacturer, layvikay provides innovative deco and advertising lighting solutions with high quality nano-modified silicone rubber material and well-know brand chips.
Layvikay custom neon sign series are special in advertisement section that can provide complicated words or pattern,and all signboards are finished by our experienced workers.
Layvikay also supply universal LED neon rope light such as flat and round series that are perfect for using at home decoration,party or holiday lighting decoration,architectural lighting decoration etc.

Flat neon LED strip lights

LED neon light cutting
LED neon flxible strip light
flat neon light size
LED neon rope lights

LED neon strip light specification:
● Neon tube size:8mm/10mm/12mm
● Base board material:5mm transparent or black acrylic / metal base
● Backboard Type:square/round/cut by shape/invisible Backboard
● PCB width:6mm/0.236”
● LED type:Epistar/Osram SMD2835
● Material:Nano-modified silicone rubber+acrylic+PCB
● IP grade:65
● Beam angle: 120 °
● Wattage:9.6w/m
● Input volt:DC5v/12v/24v
● Cutting unit length: 5v/1cm(0.39”);12v/2.5cm(0.98”);24v/5cm(1.97”)
● Working temperature: -20℃~80℃
● AC power adapter: Not included
● CCT:Cool/nature/warm white;purple;blue;green;red;gold/lemon yellow;orange;pink;ice blue

white led neon light

Nature white

purple LED neon light


red neon light


blue LED neon light


pink LED neon light



Gold yellow

Green LED neon light


ice blue neon light

Ice blue

yellow LED neon light

Lemon yellow

white led neon light

Cool white

orange LED neon light


white led neon light

Warm white

Round LED neon rope lights

round LED neon lights
round LED neon light
LEDE neon lights size
Round LED neon rope light

LED neon rope light specification:
● Length:5m/50m/100m(16.4ft/164ft/328ft) or customized length
● Size:Dia.14mm/16mm/20mm(0.55”/0.63”/0.79”)
● Quantity of LEDs:120pcs/m or140pcs/m
● PCB width:6mm/0.236”
● LED type:Epistar/Osram SMD2835
● Material:Nano-modified silicone rubber+PCB+copper wire
● IP grade:65
● Beam angle: 320 °
● Wattage:9.6w/m or14.4w/m
● Input Volt:DC12v/24v;AC110v/220v
● Cutting Unit Length:100cm(39.37”)
● Working temperature: -20℃~80℃
● AC power adapter: Not included
● CCT:Cool/nature/warm white;blue;ice blue;green;yellow;red;pink;

cool white round LED neon rope light

Cool white

green neon rope light


LED neon rope light

Ice blue

nature white neon rope light

Nature white

Neon Rope Light


pink neon rope light


warm white neon rope light

Warm white

yellow neon rope light


neon rope light


Custom neon signs

LED neon lights carving
LED neon strip
LED neon tube
custom neon signs

Neon sign custom specification:
● Baseboard materia:6mm transparent or10mm black acrylic/PS board/PVC rubber board/wood
● LED neon light tube size:6x8mm/8x10mm/10x12mm
● Backboard type:square/round/cut by shape/ invisible backboard
● PCB width:6mm/0.236”
● LED type:Epistar/Osram SMD2835
● Material:Nano-modified silicone rubber+acrylic+flexible strip light+UVproof pvc+driver
● IP grade:65
● Beam angle: 120 °
● Power supply:AAA batteries/USB/AC adapter
● Work Volt:DC5v/12v/24v;AC110v/220v
● Working temperature: -20℃~80℃
● CCT:Warm/nature white;blue;ice blue;green;orange,yellow;lemon yellow,purple,red;rose red,pink;
● Accessories:advertising screw kits,hanging ropes kits,dimmer
● Installation methods:hanging/screw fixing/bracket fixing
● Providing drop shipping service and deliver the goods by DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT
● Delivery time:3-5 workdays

Some key points for your customized plan

Custom neon sign is a perfect deco solution for home like bedroom/living room/wall/dorm,and also it is widely used in many other fields such as holiday deco lighting and business deco like restaurant,cafe&bar,gym&salon.
Tell us your personlized needs,layvikay provides the one-stop service from the initial idea to the finished products.

Customized neon signs colour

neon signs colours

Customized word size

neon sign word sizes

Single line word Min.height 4.5cm(1.77 inch);

Double lines word Min.height 12cm(4.72 inch)

LED neon lights tube

Neon signs tube

neon sign tube size

Tube size(6x8mm/8x10mm/10x12mm)

LED strip light

PCB width 6mm/8mm/10mm

neon sign acrylic back

Acrylic board(PMMA)

PS board neon sign

PS board

PVC neon sign

PVC board

neon sign back style

Round/square board

custom neon sign back style

Words outline board

cutom neon signs back style

Invisible back board

Adertising nail

Use advertising nails to fix on the wall by the reserved holes of back board.

Hanging wirerope

Use hanging wirerope to go through the reserved holes of the back board to fix it.


Use glass glue to fix the back board.

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By opting for a bulk purchase, we can offer delivery by sea at low shipping cost.

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