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Wall Washer Lights (LED Light Bar)

LayviKay wall washer lights are designed to create a dramatic lighting effect by projecting a wide beam of light across the wall.
Without a doubt,they are perfect for architectural lighting and stage lighting, creating a dramatic and eye-catching look in any space.
They are available in various styles and finishes, perfect for both interior and exterior applications.
These lights can be used for highlighting artwork, creating a stunning focal point, or providing profile lighting for a building.
With their sleek design and versatile uses, these wall washer lights will add a modern touch to any space.

  • Minimum Light Attenuation
  • Customized Length is Optional
  • Uniform Light Distribution, No Glare Light
  • Made of Aluminum Oxide Coating and Overall Molding
  • High-strength Tempered Glass Cover and PMMA Optical Lens
  • High Brightness Power LED Beads with Osram/Philips/Epistar Chip
  • Great Atmospheric and Profile Lighting Solution for Building Interior and Exterior / Bridge / Landscape etc.

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