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Jose Cook

Reviewed from the United Kingdom

My client's favorite project

UK Neon sign

I’m a lighting designer from Manchester.

This project has earned me the trust of a new client and I am very positive that Layvikay is a great supplier I can trust!

Eddie Church

Reviewed from the United States

Excellent quality and will purchase it again

This is an excellent set of neon advertising signs. I am very pleased with it. Installation was very easy. Great instructions and online tech support. It all makes my store very visible.The technicians at Layvikay were excellent, smooth communicators and easy to work with. I was able to install in front of the store in 10 minutes and the whole logo was very bright when powered up. I plan on hanging some new neon signs inside the store as well. So far, all functions are working well.

Mineo Nishigawa

Reviewed from the Japan


Japan led neon sign

大阪の新しいバースデーケーキ屋さんです。 とても目を引くロゴ、素晴らしいです!


David W. Jamie

Reviewed from the United States

Great Quality and Service!

I recently purchased the  LED Neon Sign from Layvikay, and I have to say, I am absolutely electrified by the quality and design of this product. From the moment I unboxed it, I knew I had made the right choice.


The sign came with a clear and concise instruction manual, which made the installation process a breeze. All the necessary mounting hardware was included, and I appreciated the added touch of the template for wall placement. It took me no more than 10 minutes to get it up and shining on my game room wall.

Design & Quality:

The design of the lightning bolt is sleek and modern with just the right amount of edge. It’s the perfect size – not too large that it overpowers the room, but big enough to make a bold statement. The materials feel sturdy and well-crafted. The LED tubing is smooth and consistent, which I’ve found isn’t always the case with other LED neon signs I’ve seen in the market.

Light & Brightness:

The brightness of this sign is just stunning. It emits a vibrant, yet not overpowering, blue glow that creates the perfect ambiance for my space. One of my favorite features is the dimmer switch, allowing me to adjust the brightness to fit any mood or setting. Whether it’s a lively party or a quiet evening at home, this sign delivers the perfect glow every time.

Energy Efficiency:

As an LED sign, it’s energy-efficient and doesn’t get hot like traditional neon signs, which gives me peace of mind. I’ve left it on for extended periods, and it barely adds anything to my electricity bill. It’s eco-friendly, which is a huge plus in my book.


I’ve had this neon sign for a couple of months now, and it’s been working flawlessly. The LED technology promises a long lifespan, and I can tell that it’s built to last. Even with frequent use, it shows no signs of dimming or color degradation.

Customer Service:

When I had a question about the dimmer switch, Layvikay’s customer service was prompt and helpful, providing me with the information I needed in no time. It’s reassuring to know that if I ever run into any issues, their team is there to support.

Final Thoughts:

The LED Neon Sign has been a game-changer for my space. It’s a conversation starter, an art piece, and a mood setter all rolled into one. It’s rare to find a product that combines style, function, and quality so seamlessly. If you’re on the fence about getting a neon sign from Layvikay, consider this a sign to go for it – you won’t be disappointed!

Would I Recommend?

Absolutely! Whether for your home, office, or business, Layvikay’s LED neon signs are a fantastic choice. They’re a modern, safer, and more energy-efficient way to enjoy the neon aesthetic, and I plan to add another to my collection soon.

Ponpakorn Pavapankorn

Reviewed from the Thailand


Thailand led neon sign

เนื่องจากต้องติดตั้งที่ด้านบนของประตูต้องใช้บันไดในการทำงาน ใช้เวลาครึ่งวันในการปรับมุมที่ดีที่สุดโปรดดูวิธีการทำงาน?

Kent Nash

Reviewed from Australia

Lovely atmosphere to my home

This is my first set of neon signs and I am hooked. It shipped quickly and was easy to install. Almost no additional installation tools were needed. I enjoy it every day because I designed the content myself. It will bring a cozy atmosphere to my home. I will be a repeat customer and recommend Layvikay to everyone.

Robert C. Milliken

Reviewed from the Singapore

Cool Neon Sign!

Singapore neon sign

This is a custom neon lettering I made for a client and it has excellent brightness and color adjustment. Its brightness and color can be easily adjusted through the remote control panel. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere or a cool effect, Layvikay LED neon sign is a good choice.

Nicolos Aossati

Reviewed from Milano Italy

It's attractive.

neon rope light review 01

 Here’s my new hat store sign. It’s very nice. Many thanks to LAYVIKAY for the LED neon rope lights.

Jose Velazquez

Reviewed from Barcelona,Spain

¡Viene mi casa de colores!

neon rope light review

Muchas gracias a LAYVIKAY por aconsejarme en la compra, tardó sólo una semana desde el diseño hasta que me lo entregó UPS, ¡es increíble!

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