solar column lamp

Solar Column Lamp( Outdoor Gate/Pillar Lights)

Solar column lamp (also called solar pillar/gate light)  is a perfect landscape and architectural lighting solution for the pillars of gate and fence.It has built-in high brightness cool / warm white colors LED beads with high color rendering index.Additionally,it comes with high efficiency solar panel and large capacity lithium battery.
Decorate your house with modern style pillar lights add atmospheric lighting for your favorite areas.


  • Made by high performance PC and Al material,durable and fade resistant
  • Comes with high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar panel and large capacity lithium battery
  • Withstand all kinds of weather including heavy rain and heavy snow
  • No professional electrician is required,easy to install
  • Solar Lighting or AC 110/ 220 V corn bulb  dual work modes
  • All four sides can be illuminated
  • Turn off at daytime and turn on at night automatically
  • Designed for long-term and reliable performance with little or no maintenance


  • Wattage:3 W
  • Lumens: 220 lm
  • Solar Panel: 5 V/5 W
  • Battery:3.2 V /3000 mAh
  • CCT: 2800 K-6500 K
  • CRI (Ra)>80
  • IP:54 
  • Size: (W1) 25 x (W2) 25 x (H) 22 cm
  • Inch:9.8″ x 9.8″ x 8.7”


  • Wattage:4 W
  • Lumens: 300 lm
  • Solar Panel: 5 V/7 W
  • Battery:3.2 V /4000 mAh
  • CCT: 2800 K-6500 K
  • CRI (Ra)>80
  • IP:54 
  • Size: (W1) 30 x (W2) 30 x (H) 25 cm
  • Inch:11.8″ x 11.8″ x 9.8”


  • Wattage:6 W
  • Lumens: 450lm
  • Solar Panel: 5 V/9 W
  • Battery:3.2 V /6000 mAh
  • CCT: 2800 K-6500 K
  • CRI (Ra)>80
  • IP:54 
  • Size: (W1) 40 x (W2) 40 x (H) 30 cm
  • Inch:15.7″ x 15.7″ x 11.8”


  • Wattage:8 W
  • Lumen: 560 lm
  • Solar Panel: 5 V/12 W
  • Battery:3.2 V /8000 mAh
  • CCT: 2800 K-6500 K
  • CRI (Ra)>80
  • IP:54 
  • Size: (W1) 50 x (W2) 50 x (H) 41 cm
  • Inch:19.7″ x 19.7″ x 16”

More Details of Solar Column Lamp

  • Material: Al +PMMA
  • Solar Panel Material: mono-crystalline silicon
  • Battery:Li-iron phosphate
  • LiFePO4:>2000 cycles
  • Charging Time:6-8H
  • Working Time>8H
  • Work Mode:Automatic Light Control +Remote Control

Customized&Thoughtful Service

Most of parameters can be customized such as LED beads (wattage)/Battery Capacity/Color Temperature/IP Grade/Size etc.
Additionally,it has AC  (AC110/220V) lighting function.
LayviKay not only provides high performance architectural lighting solution with latest technology, but also guarantees fast lead time and thoughtful service to ensure customers are sufficiently benefited from our high performance products with competitive pricing.
Contact our sales team and tell us your requirement,we are very pleased to recommend you the most suitable solar column lamp.

Best Solar Column Lamp from LayviKay

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