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LED Neon Light

Customize Neon Strip Lights from LayviKay

Experience the vibrant allure of LED Neon Strip Lights without the hassle and expense!
Our lighting product transforms your surroundings with a captivating glow that will leave you mesmerized.

Long-Lasting Performance: With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, you can enjoy years of vibrant illumination without worrying about frequent replacements.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re illuminating your home, business, or outdoor space, our neon strip lights are designed to enhance any setting with customized colors and sizes.

Easy Installation: Installation is a breeze with our convenient mounting accessories and clear instructions.

Specification & Price


  • Length: 5 m / 50 m / 100 m (16.4 ft/164 ft/328 ft) or customized length
  • Colors: Cool/nature/warm white;blue;ice blue;green;yellow;red;pink;
  • LED Beads: Epistar / Osram /Phlips SMD2835
  • Quantity of LEDs: 120pcs/m or140pcs/m
  • Wattage: 9.6 w/m or 14.4 w/m
  • Neon Tube Size: 8mm/10mm/12m
  • PCB Width: 6 mm or 8 mm 
  • Work Volt: 12 V/24 V; 
  • IP grade:67
  • Working temperature: -20℃~80℃
  • AC power adapter: Not included
  • Accessories: Buckles and End Cups
  • Installation Methods:  Buckle Fixing / Embedded Fixing 
  • Material:Nano-modified silicone rubber+PCB
  • Cutting unit length: 5v/1cm(0.39”);12v/2.5cm(0.98”);24v/5cm(1.97”)

Flat LED Neon Strip Lights Series

LED neon rope lights

Dynamic Effect of LED Neon Strip Lights

Glowing & Material

neon strip lights

Highly Transparent Silicone

LED neon light glowing 01

Front and Side Glowing

LED neon light accessories


Tube and PCB

LED neon lights tube

Neon signs tube

neon sign tube size

Tube size(6x8mm/8x10mm/10x12mm)

LED strip light

PCB width 6mm/8mm/10mm


white led neon light

Nature white

purple LED neon light


red neon light


blue LED neon light


pink LED neon light



Gold yellow

Green LED neon light


ice blue neon light

Ice blue

yellow LED neon light

Lemon yellow

white led neon light

Cool white

orange LED neon light


white led neon light

Warm white

Adapter & Smart Control

  • Depending on the total wattage of neon rope light, we will match up the most appropriate adapter.(Different countries will match corresponding plugs.)
  • For further personalized options such as dimmable and remote flashing speed adjustable, please contact our sales team now for details.
Neon sign adapter for low watt

Low Power Adapter

Neon sign adapter for medium watt

Medium Power Adapter

Neon sign adapter for high watt

High Power Adapter

Wholesale Best Neon Strip Lights from Layvikay

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