What Is The Best Column Lights

Column lights have become quite popular these days. Businesses and property owners all install them because they offer security and are cost-efficient. A solar column light is also a type of column light powered by solar energy. It’s convenient, inexpensive, secure, and easy to install. Since its introduction, more people have been buying solar column lights. You can use them at pillars,railings,barriers or palings, depending on the design.

Many suppliers make solar column lights now, so the market has plenty to offer. However, it doesn’t mean that all the designs are top-notch. You’ll find low, medium, and high-quality solar column lights. If you want to obtain a long-lasting product that offers top-quality service, you should look for customer and expert reviews to make the correct choice.

The Best Outdoor Solar Column Lights

With so many brands available out there, it can be challenging to select the right model. But don’t worry because here are some products considered top designs available on the market. These are solar pillar lights that you can use outdoors.

The outdoor solar colum lights are from LayviKay, and all four models come with exciting features. We’ll mention the features and vital details, so continue reading this short write-up.

High Light Efficiency Rating Lamp Beads

LayviKay uses SMD2835 lamp beads with light efficiency >160lm/w. Due to the use of chips from well-known brands, their light attenuation and reliability are excellent.
We have very strict reliability test for the lamp beads, see the table below.

LED beads test

LED Beads Sampling Test

High Efficiency Solar Panel

Solar panel is one of the core accessories of the column lights, we use monocrystalline silicon solar panel with high conversion rate. Usually, the conversion efficiency is above 19%. For a piece of high quality solar panel, conversion efficiency is one of the parameters, there are many other important parameters we also strictly control, such as Short-circuit current Isc, Open-circuit voltage Uoc, Fill Factor ff, and so on. For more details, please refer to What Is The Best Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light.

pillar lights solar panel construction
solar panel power attenuation

Large Capacity 18650 Battery

Battery is one of the main parts of the solar column light. Our battery pack uses 2000 mAh 18650 ternary polymer lithium battery unit. It is also equipped with over-current and over-voltage protection, which greatly extends the lifetime of the battery pack.

pillar lights battery 1

Charging Time

Depending on the weather conditions, the device takes about 5-8 hours to charge. Intelligent photoelectric sensing technology automatically captures light, even the weak pre-dawn sunlight. A fully charged device can work for more than 10 hours, so it’s more than enough.

Water Resistant

What makes the outdoor column light extraordinary is they’re water resistant. The devices are made of engineering grade ABS and Die-cast Aluminun materials which resist fluids and IP>65. So you don’t have to worry about it getting wet . They won’t get damaged if raindrops or liquid falls on them.


Most objects become rusty when kept in the open for too long. But that’s not the case with these solar lights. They’re made of excellent quality materials which don’t get rusted even after exposure to the elements.


With the LED beads lasting up to 100,000 hours or more and solar panels lasting at least 15 years, the battery is the main factor affecting the durability of the solar lamps.

The battery of the LaviKay column light uses a special ternary polymer lithium battery for electric vehicles, which is much superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of both the number of cycles and the storage power attenuation.

The devices are made of top-quality components and the latest technology. Hence, if you don’t drop or break them intentionally, they’ll last a long time. However, it’s important to take good care of the lights so that they can provide top service for an even more extended period.

Low Maintenance

Unlike some lamps where you spend a lot of money on maintenance, such as aging AC power lines to replace them, the need for specialized technicians to install them, and so on. It’s a different situation with Layvikay solar lights, the cost of maintenance is pretty low, so you won’t have to spend more money than what’s necessary.


The lamps are easy to install and don’t create a nuisance. They come with mounting hardware, so you must follow the instructions and install them accordingly. It’s also free from the utility grid, so a sudden public outage has nothing to do with you, while you don’t have to pay extra energy bills. It’s remote-controlled, you don’t need to go up to each light to switch on or off.

Equal Light Distribution

The solar column lights provide uniform brightness in all areas they reach. So, no place will be too dark or too bright. Some lights are glaring and can cause trouble to your eyes. However, these designs aren’t like that and don’t glare.

Intelligent Radar Sensor Control

The lights immediately sense anyone approaching the sensor area. Hence, the brightness turns to 100% when that happens. The light dims to 20% when you or anyone leaves the spot.

Few Points to Keep in Mind

  • You should place the solar panels at an angle where they can obtain direct sunlight for the longest time. It’s best to face them slightly towards the south.
  • It’s important to place the lamps/lights in dark areas for them to operate ideally. Keeping them in well-lit areas at night may not be effective as expected.
  • You can install the lights on the pillar,fence,railing or place them on a stable and even surface.


With so many features incorporated in the column lights, it’s sure that they’re top in quality and performance.

We are currently developing a new generation of solar garden lights, hoping to make breakthroughs in overall lighting efficiency, heat dissipation efficiency, and the application of new materials, and to produce more cost-effective products in the next few years!

If you still have any questions about outdoor solar lights, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will give you detailed and thoughtful answers.

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