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Power Sequencer

The Layvikay power sequencer ensures that your system is turned on and off correctly, avoiding damaging pops and hisses while also eliminating excessive inrush currents that can trip circuits. Compact in design, easy to use, and affordable in price, this power sequencer is ideal for applications such as touring sound reinforcement systems, mobile theatrical performances, live cinematography, and more.
It has eight built-in 30 A, 240 V relay circuits that sequentially start the power supply, turn it off in turn, and adjust the delay interval with an internal trimmer, all monitored by LED indicators.
In addition,it also comes with a 6-foot (1.8 m), grounded, three-hole power cord (3*4 square) for 120 V single-phase, 240 V single-phase, or even 208 V three-phase power wiring.
Thanks to advanced surge cancellation and extreme voltage protection, the Layvikay power sequencer frees your system from bulky, inconvenient equipment and distributes AC power to multiple circuits simply and safely, allowing your A/V system to perform at its best.


  • One button controlling the power supply of all channels, applied to different equipment.
  • With short circuit protection,over current protection and overload protection.
  • 8 ways, controlling 8 channels power output, each channel is up to 30A
  • With USB connector,RS232 COM interface and voltmeter
  • Default output time-delay: 1S

AC Sequenced Power Distributor

power sequencer 2
  • Item No.:ST-PSC-01
  • Panel color: Black
  • Power requirement (single-phase & 3-wire): AC120/230V;50-60HZ two-phase (null line, live line, ground wire)
  • Channels: 8-ch universal socket relay controlled
  • One through socket at front panel
  • Relay controlled output maximum single power : 6000 W
  • Output power socket: flame-retardant ABS material, phosphor bronze material that can withstand 13A current
  • Switch interval / timing(per channel): default 1 second
  • Output relay contact current: 30A 240V AC
  • PCB Board: double-sided fiberboard, the main power line with bold thickening
  • Built-in switching power supply for AC120/230V;50-60HZ
  • Main cable: 3*4 square power cord, total length 6 foot(1.8 m), no power cable plug
  • External control switch interface: RS232 COM interface for central control
  • Power source filter (EMI power grid filter): customized
  • Product size:482x230x88mm
  • Outer package:540x340xx160mm
  • G.W.:6KG

Magnification Images of Power Sequencer

power sequencer inner

Customized&Thoughtful Service

Most of parameters can be customized:

  • Your Logo and Package Design
  • EMI power grid filter can be added
  • Air Switch can be added
  • Independent switch can be added 
  • Power cable plug can be customized

Layvikay provides high-performance audio equipment solutions with the latest technology, and more importantly, guarantees fast delivery times and attentive service to ensure customers sufficiently benefit from our high quality and competitively priced products.
Contact our sales team and let us know your requirement, we are pleased to recommend the most suitable power sequencers.

Widely Application

The Layvikay 8-channel power sequencer is mainly used for sequencing complex power equipment for audio. It is ideal for public broadcasting, mini bars, small outdoor performances, school lecture rooms, multimedia conference halls, multi-function halls, training centers, villas, hotels, and homes.

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More Explorations of Power Sequencer


As a key device in managing your audio system’s power supply – power sequencer ensures that your audio equipment is seamlessly connected every time you turn it on and off without the dreaded “crackle” and “sizzle”. Understanding the features and functions of this product is something we think will be helpful to the audio system practitioner or purchaser.

What is Power Sequencer?

At its core, power sequencer is about controlling the power-up and power-down order of your audio appliances to prevent damage and prolong their lifespan. It’s an essential safeguard against the electrical anomalies that can arise in complex audio system setups.

Key Features of the LayviKay Power Sequencer

The LayviKay Power Sequencer stands out with its user-friendly design and robust protection. With a single button, you can manage all channels, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from short circuit, over-current, and overload protections. Designed to cater to 8 channels, each with up to 30A capacity, and equipped with a USB connector, RS232 COM interface, and voltmeter, it’s the guardian your audio system deserves.

power sequencer front panel
layvikay power sequencer front panel
  1. Voltage Meter
  2. Power Switch
  3. Power Output Indicator
  4. Bypass Switch
  5. USB 5V DC Socket
  6. AC Socket
power sequencer rear panel
layvikay power sequencer rear panel
  1. Power Cord
  2. RS232 Protocol Remote Control
  3. Sequencing Power Output Sockets
  4. Multiple Units Connection Interface

Detailed Specifications

Model ST-PSC-01 doesn’t just impress with features; its specifications are equally compelling. From its black panel to the 8-ch universal socket relay-controlled channels, every detail is crafted with precision. Experience 6000W of maximum single power and flame-retardant ABS material sockets designed to withstand heavy currents.

  • Input Voltage: AC110/220V;50-60Hz
  • Max Power Capacity: 30A
  • Sequence Channel: 8 Ways
  • Default Sequence Interval: 1S
  • Product Size: 482X230X88mm
  • N.W.: 4.2kg

Benefits of Using a Power Sequencer

The LayviKay Power Sequencer excels in enhancing audio quality. By providing a clean and steady power supply and optimized power management, your audio equipment performs at its peak. The result? A pure, distortion-free musical experience that captures the hearts of listeners.

Installation and Usage

Setting up is a breeze. The sequencer’s default output time delay and the simplicity of its one-button operation mean you can integrate it into any setup effortlessly, optimizing your system’s sound quality with ease.

Please download the user manual for the details of installation.

Advanced Connectivity and Control

The built-in voltmeter and RS232 COM interface allow for real-time monitoring and centralized control, making it a breeze to manage your audio system from any location.

Design and Construction

Compact, resilient, and rack-compatible, this power sequencer integrates seamlessly into any audio setup, making it a space-efficient choice for any audio professional.

Real-World Applications

Whether it’s live performances, recording studios, or public address systems, this Power Sequencer provides a consistent audio quality and manages electrical loads efficiently.

Choosing the Right Power Sequencer

Opt for a sequencer that offers intuitive control and robust protection. The LayviKay Power Sequencer delivers on both fronts, providing factory-direct sales benefits without compromising on quality.

Customer Experience and Service

Expect fast delivery and attentive service when you choose LayviKay. Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that the high-performance Power Sequencer is both reliable and competitively priced.


The LayviKay Power Sequencer is more than just a device; it’s an indispensable tool that enhances your audio experience. Its superior performance and intuitive design are what make each performance or recording session flawless.

Call to Action

Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself the exceptional quality of this Power Sequencer. Visit their website: https://www.layvikay.com/audio-equipment/power-sequencer/, explore the features, and unlock the full potential of your audio appliances today!

Power sequencing is a critical process that helps in preventing damage to audio appliances by managing the order in which they are turned on and off. Below is how it provides this safeguarding role.

Surge Protection:

Upon powering up, electrical equipment can experience a surge of current that can strain or damage delicate components. Power sequencers control the inrush of current to each device, preventing these potentially damaging spikes.

Load Management:

Audio systems often consist of multiple devices that, when switched on simultaneously, can draw a large amount of power. This can cause circuit breakers to trip or create voltage drops. A sequencer staggers the activation of each unit, distributing the load more evenly.

Device Longevity:

By eliminating the shock to electronic components associated with high inrush currents, power sequencers extend the life of these components. This ensures devices run within their operational limits, reducing wear and tear.

Eliminating Pops and Clicks:

Sudden power fluctuations as audio devices are turned on or off can cause loud noises through the speakers, which is harmful both to the speakers and the listening experience. Sequencers ensure a smooth transition of power, keeping your sound free from such disturbances.

Integration with Safety Systems:

Advanced sequencers can be integrated with emergency and safety systems, such that in the event of an emergency, they can safely and quickly power down systems in an orderly fashion, avoiding damage and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

By meticulously managing the sequence of electrical events, power sequencers like the LayviKay Power Sequencer ensure the integrity of your audio appliances, maintaining both their performance and longevity.

Yes, power sequencers can distribute the load more evenly to prevent circuit breakers from tripping.

When multiple audio appliances start up simultaneously, the combined inrush current can be significant enough to exceed the circuit breaker’s threshold, causing it to trip to prevent potential damage to the electrical system.

By integrating a power sequencer into your audio setup, you can control the order and interval at which each appliance receives power. The sequencer allows one device to stabilize before the next one starts up, thus spreading out the electrical load over time. This staggered approach reduces the initial surge of current that occurs when turning on devices, mitigating the risk of overloading circuits and tripping breakers.

A power sequencer controls the order and interval of powering on audio appliances through its internal programming and relay system. Below is a step-by-step explanation of how it operates.

Programmed Sequence:

The power supply sequencer is programmed with the specific order in which devices connected to it should power up. Users can program this sequence based on the priority and power requirements of each device.

Time Intervals:

Alongside the order, time intervals or delays between powering on each device are set. These delays ensure that the power load is distributed over time, reducing initial inrush current that can lead to tripping circuit breakers.

Relay Activation:

Within the sequencer, electrical relays or switches are used to control the flow of power to each appliance. When the sequencer is activated, these relays close in the pre-set sequence, allowing electricity to flow to the first appliance.

Stabilization Time:

After the first device is powered on, the sequencer waits for the period of the defined interval before energizing the next relay, allowing the system’s electrical conditions to stabilize.

Systematic Power-Up:

This process continues, with the sequencer systematically powering on each appliance in the defined order, with the specified intervals, until all devices are running.


For shutdown, the sequencer works in reverse order. Devices are turned off in the opposite sequence, usually starting with the last device that was powered on.This is equally important to avoid power surges or spikes that can occur when disconnecting the load.

By carefully controlling both the power-on and power-off sequences, the power sequencer effectively manages the electrical load, minimizes the risk of damage due to inrush currents, and ensures the protection and longevity of the audio appliances.

Absolutely, power sequencers are beneficial for managing the startup and shutdown processes of various types of electrical equipment beyond just audio systems. Anywhere there is a need to control the power-up sequence to prevent overloading circuits and tripping breakers, a power sequencer can be essential. This includes:

Computer Networks:

Data centers and server rooms use sequencers to manage the power-up of servers, switches, routers, and storage devices to avoid overloading.

Lighting Systems:

In theater and staging, controlled power-up prevents surges that could trip breakers and ensures that lighting system comes on in the correct sequence.

Industrial Equipment:

Machinery with high inrush currents can greatly benefit from sequencing to prevent circuit overloads during power-up sequences.

Medical Equipment:

In medical facilities with sensitive electronic equipment, sequencers can ensure reliable startup and protect against power surges.

Telecommunication Systems:

Base stations and communication equipment also use sequencers to manage the electrical load and protect against power fluctuations.

Laboratory Instruments:

Sophisticated scientific instruments that might be sensitive to voltage spikes can be safeguarded by methodically controlling the order in which they receive power.

In all these cases, power sequencers serve to enhance operational reliability, extend the longevity of equipment, and improve safety by ensuring that electrical systems function within their designed parameters.

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