The Basic Guide to All In One Solar Street Light

Streetlights are important to improve people’s quality of life at night in public spaces. Setting up street lights can be very expensive as so many areas have to be covered. Focusing on setting up solar street lights is a cheaper and more convenient option.Therefore, it is very necessary to know the basic guide to all in one solar street light.

Solar energy is an excellent alternative to electricity used from the grid, as it is eco-friendly and does not require all the electrical wiring. What’s more, the cost of setting up solar-powered lights is significantly lower than traditional lighting.

When it comes to solar lighting solutions, Layvikay stands out due to its innovative approach. The company has different types of LED solar streetlights to cater to your needs.

Layvikay – Solar Street Lights

Here is a list of the most popular high-performance solar-powered street lights by Layvikay.

solar road light 1

These street lights by Layvikay do not use any power from the grid, as they are solar-powered. The company produces different types of street lights that cater to different usages.

Let us go more in-depth into what makes Layvikay’s solar streetlights the ideal choice for your lighting requirements.

Large Capacity Batteries

The solar street lights produced by Layvikay are known for their durable battery life. The company uses lithium batteries with large capacities, ensuring that the solar lights run for long periods without power outages.

Normally,the large-capacity lithium batteries ensure that the lights give out a consistent level of brightness throughout the night. However, it is important to note that there are different models for all solar streetlights.

Different models will have different battery life, chip-rated power, etc. It usually takes around 6-8 hours to fully charge the solar street light’s battery.

For more about the batteries, please visit this article:

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battery tester

Highly Efficient Silicon Solar Panels

Solar streetlights convert sunlight into electricity by using silicon panels. Without the solar panels or cells, there will be no electricity.

Layvikay focuses on using high grade monocrystalline solar panels on their solar street lights. These panels or cells are highly efficient in converting solar energy (sunlight) into electricity. The capacity or the power of the silicon panels differ, depending on the model of the solar street lights.

Typically, we use solar panels with photovoltaic conversion efficiencies of 18% or more, and glass sheets with transmittances of 90% or more.

Difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels

Material Construction

Solar panels of  mono-crystalline use mono-crystalline silicon material, while poly-crystalline solar panels use poly-crystalline silicon material. Mono-crystalline solar panels are made from a single large-sized mono-crystalline wafer, while poly-crystalline solar panels are assembled from multiple small-sized poly-crystalline wafers.


Mono-crystalline solar panels typically have a uniform black appearance because mono-crystalline wafers have a higher purity and consistent crystal structure. Solar panels of poly-crystalline, on the other hand, appear dark blue or dark gray because the crystalline structure of poly-crystalline wafers is not as complete as that of mono-crystalline wafers.

Conversion Efficiency

Solar panels of mono-crystalline typically have a slightly higher conversion efficiency than poly-crystalline solar panels due to their more complete crystal structure. The conversion efficiency of mono-crystalline silicon solar panels is typically between 15% and 22%, while poly-crystalline silicon solar panels typically have a conversion efficiency between 13% and 18%.

Material Cost

Poly-crystalline solar panels are relatively simple to manufacture and cost less. Mono-crystalline silicon solar panels, on the other hand, have a more complex manufacturing process and higher purity requirements, resulting in relatively higher costs.

Performance Stability

Because monocrystalline silicon solar panels have higher purity and a consistent crystal structure, their performance stability under high temperature and low light conditions is usually better. Polycrystalline solar panels may perform slightly less well under these conditions.

For more about the solar panel, please visit this article:

solar panel for street light

Built-in Optical Control Function

Older versions of solar streetlights did not have features that would automatically turn off or on according to the time of the day. Layvikay’s LED lights are equipped with cool features like the built-in optical control function, which allows you to go about your business without worrying about when to switch them on and off.

With the installation of the optical control function, Layvikay’s solar street lights will automatically turn on during the night and turn off when the sun comes up. They do this by using sensors that detect a rise or drop in the brightness.

High Brightness LEDs

Layvikay’s solar street lights are equipped with high performance LED beads that provide high brightness, ranging from 160 lm/w to higher levels. You have the option to choose SMD2835, SMD3030, and SMD5730 according to your requirements.

These LED beads provide more brightness than other street lights, giving people more visibility. It also covers longer distances compared to other standard solar street lights.

Below is a low power all in one solar street/garden light ( 15 wattage) brightness testing.

solar street light brightness

Wireless Remote Controls

Layvikay produces solar street lights with wireless remote controllers, which is one of the best innovations. You can set the timer for the duration of the lights to function after turning them on.

The remote control has an AUTO button that allows the solar panels to absorb the solar energy and charge the battery. When you press the AUTO button, the battery will start charging, and the lights will automatically turn on when night falls.

Three-hour modes dictate how long the light will stay on throughout the night. If you press the 3H, the light will turn off after 3 hours. You also have the option to select 5H and 8H, which are 5 and 8 hours, respectively.

Two more buttons below the 8H allow you to control the brightness of the solar light. One of them turns the brightness up to 100%, whereas the other one will keep your light’s brightness at 50%. You can also manually turn the solar lights on and off using two other buttons (ON/OFF).

Motion Detection(Sensor)

Innovation has no limit when it comes to Layvikay’s LED solar streetlights. The solar lights can detect people’s movements and adjust the brightness accordingly.

When you are walking towards the street light, the brightness will be dim at 30% power. As soon as you reach the vicinity of the solar street light, it will detect your motion and turn the brightness up to 100%.

As you walk away from the solar light, the motion detector will lose your movement. As this happens, the brightness will remain at full power with a 10-second delay and return to 30% power until the next motion is detected. The motion detection function using the smart control is an excellent way to save power.

Waterproof Solar Street Lights

All the solar street lights produced by Layvikay have the IP65 waterproof function, protecting them from rainy weather. The light’s enclosure will ensure there is no damage caused by rain coming in contact with the solar light from any direction. The IP65 is the standard for waterproofing equipment from getting damaged by rain.

Easy to Fit

There are different ways to install Layvikay’s solar street lights, and they all come with user-friendly instruction manuals. You only need a ladder, screwdriver, and a wrench to tighten the screws, bolts, and nuts.

• Some solar street lights can be mounted on the walls of your home or fences using bolts and screws.
• Another way is to install metal poles on the ground.
• You can also opt for the cement pole installation if metal poles are not your go-to option.

Below are the simple installation steps,same as solar wall lights.

punch the holes
install expansion screws
mounting bracket 01

Final Thought

The Solar Street Light series by Layvikay is an excellent introduction to the street light game. Their innovative features and functions make the installation and usage of street lights easier and help save so much energy when not in use.

From their motion detectors to the large-capacity batteries, Layvikay has definitely brought their A-game to the table. The best thing about Layvikay’s solar-powered street lights is their highly efficient performance, which you can obtain for minimal costs.

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