How To Make A Neon Sign With LED Lights

Make a neon sign with LED lights is a perfect advertisement lighting solution at contemporary business environment.Review of its history, the first neon sign came on the scene in 1910. Since then and till the 1990s, all kinds of establishments have used neon lights to advertise their names.

They not only brightened the locale but also added life and beauty to the surroundings. In the last few decades, however, traditional neon lights’ usage and manufacture have decreased. Products made of new technology have replaced them.

LED Neon Lights

Now you can make neon signs with LED lights. LED neon lights are much in demand, and businesses prefer to use them because they’re made of high transmittance silicone rubber materials. The materials are flexible and fire-resistant. They also cost less than glass neon signs, and that’s one of the reasons for their popularity and high demand.

Over the years, a lot of companies have started manufacturing LED lights. Hence, you’ll come across many products. However, not all are premium quality. They can get damaged quickly. So, it’s best to check out reviews and obtain information before buying any brand.

The LED Neon lights come in multiple colors and types, so you can choose according to your requirements and preferences.

Layvikay is one of the leading manufacturers which make high-quality LED neon rope lights. There are two types; round and flat. Both styles come in a variety of colors. They are suitable for decorations,and available at different lengths, or you can also ask for a custom size. Both round and flat rope lights are made of silicone rubber materials. Here are some details about each type.


Flat: Nano-modified silicone rubber + acrylic + PCB
Round: Nano-modified silicone rubber + PCB + copper wire

IP Grade

Both flat and round tubes have 65 IP grades

LED Type

Round and flat are both Epistar/Osram SMD 2835

Beam Angle

The flat tube is 120⁰ while the round is 320⁰


The length can be up to 100 meters long, but you can ask for a custom size too.


The flat tube is available in 8mm/10mm/12mm sizes, while the round one comes in Dia.14mm/16mm/20mm sizes.


Both types have the same wattage at 9.6 w/m.


It comes in cool white,nature white,warm white, red, purple, gold, yellow, lemon yellow, purple, pink, green, blue, orange, and ice blue.

Custom Neon Signs

If you have a business and want an LED neon sign for your establishment, you can get a professional and ask them to create a design according to your needs. However, Layvikay also provides custom neon signs if clients request them. Hence, while purchasing the lights for home decoration, you can also request a neon sign for your business.

The company has a team of professionals who handle the materials and create signs in any design you ask for. They not only make designs for commercial buildings but also residences. So, no matter which location you require neon signs, the experts are ready to offer the services.

The following are some details for custom neon signs. It may be noted that some of the specifications of the custom neon signs are similar to the flat and round tubes, but not all, so it’s important to mention them.


The material of custom neon signs is made of nano-modified silicone rubber, acrylic, flexible strip light, UV-proof PVC, and a driver.

Power Supply

You can power the lights with solar panels system, battery,USB, or AC adapter.

Backboard Type

The experts offer four types of backboard designs. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a round, square, invisible, or cut shape. The materials include PVC, PS, or acrylic.


We also provide several accessories to install the neon signs. They include hanging ropes kits, advertising screw kits, and dimmers.The Methods of Installation is easy to operate, they are screw fixing, hanging, and bracket fixing.

Here are some customized advertising illuminated letters we are manufacturing.

led neon advertising sign 1
led neon advertising letters 2
led neon light signs 3

Fast Lead Time

We have a full range of production equipment, such as UV printers, engraving machines, 3D printers, metal sheet bending machines. No matter how complicated the patterns or fonts are, we can produce them in 2 to 3 working days as long as you provide the design.

If your purchase is small, such as just needing an advertising sign for a storefront, we can make that too. And we can also provide economical door-to-door airfreight services, making collection fast and easy.


It doesn’t matter, even if you know little about making neon signs. The professionals at Layvikay are there to fulfill your requirements, and you can have any design you want. You can get custom designs in any shade and enhance your building/home. If you like “DIY” stuff, you can get the raw materials and make neon designs of your imagination too.

Any questions,please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will give you detailed and thoughtful answers within 24 Hours.

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